Beach reserve Noordvoort

A snap taken from the "CoastSnap Noordvoort" pole.


Noordvoort is a unique beach reserve in the middle of the busy central-western part of the Netherlands. Between Noordwijk and Zandvoort (between beach posts 73 and 70) you will find three kilometers of unspoilt beach where nature is left undisturbed, and where you get the chance to experience what this means. Rows of sturdy wooden poles on the beach at beach pole 70 and beach pole 73 mark this special quiet area, and visitors continue their walk via an adventurous 3-km walk on top of the first row of dunes. The trail allows seals and birds undisturbed on the beach, while at the same providing a good vantage point for spotting them. There are also three special lookout points along this trail, one of which is equipped with a CoastSnap photo pole. For more info, see the elaborate website of "Beach reserve Noordvoort"

Why here?

Wind, sand, water and nature have free rein on the beach at Noordvoort. During the development of this area, notches were dug in the foredunes to connect the beach and the hinterland. This way calcareous sand can be blown into the dune area, which promotes the habitat for various species of plants and animals. With the help of the CoastSnap station at Noordvoort Beach reserve, we want to better understand the dynamics of the beach in front of the foredune notches. The width of the beach partly determines how much sand is available to be blown into the dune. The positions of the shorelines collected with the help of your snaps can be used to map when the width of the beach changes and under what conditions. The knowledge gained from this project can be used to better manage other foredune notches along the Dutch coast.